My son, (age 17), and I recently completed treatment at Zeeny Teja Orthodontics. Dr. Teja and her staff take an individualized path for each patient as opposed to many other orthodontic practices that use “mass production” techniques. This patient-customized approach provides an optimized end result well worth waiting for. In addition, there is close coordination between Dr. Teja and local dentists on all important patient issues."

"I can share that for both my son and I, eating, smiling and flossing are now “just a blast.” For myself, my jaw pain is completely gone. For my son, he likes his “new teeth” too much not to wear his retainers (can more be said by a teenager!?). Having a dynamite smile and aiming it at people becomes a very hard thing to suppress especially when you have never had one before. Certainly for my son, but also for me (at an “advanced age”) Zeeny Teja Orthodontics has been one of the best family and life decisions I have ever made."
Sincerely ~ John

"As an adult patient experiencing orthodontic treatment for the first time, I was so grateful to Dr. Teja and her extremely capable staff. The entire process was as smooth and painless - literally - as it could be, with coordination between her office, my general dentist and radiography streamlined to a T. My three children are also patients of Dr. Teja's and from a parent's perspective, I am confident in the comprehensive care they are receiving. The attention to detail, particularly in the final stages of treatment, the willingness of staff to flexibly accommodate schedules and to cope with unexpected events such as loose brackets and lost retainers, has made out family's experience with Dr. Teja remarkable. When you walk through her office door, you are family and will be treated as such. That's an amazing feeling, thank you Zeeny, Kim and Nancy."
Sincerely ~ Leigh

Why did I chose Dr. Teja? Before she and I had our patient/doctor relationship, I knew her as an extremely warm, humorous and good-humored, even-tempered, unflappable and exceptionally giving member of the Queen Anne community. In addition, I knew by word of mouth that she was an exceptionally professional orthodontist who just plain does her job very well. I'd seen the proof on many of my school families.

When I decided in my very late 40's to fulfill my lifelong dream of having beautifully straight teeth with an even bite, it was a no-brainer for me to choose Dr. Teja. Her own beautiful, white teeth and fabulous smile would have been enough on their own, had I not already know all of her other attributes. Additionally, her office is located very close to my office, her hours are very accommodating for working people (an absolute plus!). She and her staff proved to be the exceptional professionals I had already heard about. Dr. Teja's good, loving nature is witnessed in her office, and among her staff.

Finally, the end result is wonderful. I love my new, straight teeth. People notice the difference, comment and tell me what beautiful teeth I have. I love Dr. Teja! ~ Laura B.

"Dr. Teja is a warm, caring, and superbly skilled orthodontist."

"When I visited her for a consultation almost four years ago, I had a lot of concerns about whether to undertake orthodontics at the ripe age of 47. She took a lot of time to explain what would happen, in as much detail as I wanted. I am sure I asked way too many questions, but she was always gracious and accommodating. She and her staff were clearly experienced at the needs and concerns of adult orthodontic patients, and I put myself in their hands."

"After going through the entire process, I can say that Dr. Teja is simply unexcelled in the science and art of orthodontics. There wasn’t a problem she didn’t have an answer for, and her meticulous attention to detail was evident at every visit. Her examinations, and planning of the next steps, were uniformly excellent. And she is fun to talk to while you‚re in the chair! She has a wealth of life experiences from around the globe, and once you get to know her you know she‚s not just a great professional, but also a wonderful and delightful person."

"I now have the teeth I wish I had had all my life, and it‚s because of Dr. Teja. I can look in the mirror now and not feel embarrassed, and I’m smiling at people for the first time in a long time. I owe it all to her."

"I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Teja and her practice. If you want the best in orthodontic care, you’ve come to the right place." John ~ Seattle, WA

Dr. Zeeny Teja, B.D.S., M.S.c., M.S.D. | 1955 6th Avenue West | Seattle, WA 98119 | Phone: 206-285-7755
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